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Accommodating Employees with Hidden Disabilities

Accommodating Employees with Hidden Disabilities Activity Description: This website provides examples of sample accommodations that were created by employees with disabilities and employers in various employment situations. To access this resource, visit: Activity Source: Americans with Disabilities Act and accommodating employees with hidden disabilities. International Journal of Humanities and Peace Annual 2003, 19(1), p. [Read More…]

September 25, 2018

Advocating for Family-Friendly Benefits

Advocating for Family-Friendly Benefits Activity Description: Author: Catherine White Berheide, Skidmore College Objective: This paper serves as a culmination of your work this semester. Drawing on your interviews, the data the class collected on the family-friendly benefits of employers in the United States, and the course readings, develop  a proposal for making the employer of your [Read More…]

After School Action Kit

After School Action Kit Activity Description: From the Afterschool Alliance. “A useful tool for parents, community members or practitioners, the Kit gives advice on finding or starting a quality program, identifying program needs and what resources to tap for help. Available in PDF format in English and Spanish.” Please click here to access the PDFs: [Read More…]

After School Training Toolkit

After School Training Toolkit Activity Description: From the National Partnership for Quality Afterschool Learning. “This toolkit is designed to give afterschool program directors and instructors the resources they need to build fun, innovative, and academically enriching activities that not only engage students, but extend their knowledge in new ways and increase academic achievement.” Please access [Read More…]

September 30, 2018

Assessing Workplace Practices

Assessing Workplace Practices Activity Description: Objective: Length: 1,5000 words. Group Paper Assignment. Students of four to six students will be required to undertake a Work-Life Workplace Assessment of an organization for easing work/family/life conflicts. The Work-Life Workplace Assessment requires analysis of six major components: (1) Stakeholders, (2) Organizational structure and nature of tasks/projects, workflow timetables, [Read More…]

Autobiographical Accounts

Autobiographical Accounts Activity Description: Purpose: To encourage students to reflect on the connections between rites of passage and family transitions Steps: Students themselves are rich sources of primary data about the importance of ritual occasions in the lives of American families and how these rites serve as symbolic “sign posts” in autobiographical conceptions of the [Read More…]

Breastfeeding and Public Health

Breastfeeding and Public Health Activity Description: This PowerPoint presentation was prepared for a University of Washington course entitled Maternal and Infant Nutrition. Broadly it outlines the trends and benefits of breast feeding infants. It goes on to provide a timeline of breast feeding policy as well as a case study of a breastfeeding support group. [Read More…]

Business Case 1 – Establishing

Business Case 1 – Establishing Activity Description: Purpose: To develop students’ capacities to present a “business case” for work-family responsive practices. Steps: Have students review the page “Return on Investment” on the Work and Family Researchers Network to help orient them to the concepts “returns on investment” and “dual agendas,” as well as “the business [Read More…]

Business Case 2 – Limitations

Business Case 2 – Limitations Activity Description: Purpose: To develop students’ capacities to gauge and critique the “business case” for work-family responsive practices. Note – this exercise presents an alternative paper assignment to the teaching activity Business Case 1. This assignment is intended to make students understand the strengths and limitations of the business case [Read More…]

Career Interview

Career Interview Activity Description: Purpose: To gather information about a woman’s career decisions Steps: Identify a woman older than yourself. Invite this person to participate in an informal interview. Assure the person that the interview will be confidential. Conduct the interview, using the following questions: When did you start thinking about a career? What information [Read More…]

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