Fast Facts

The WFRN provides trustworthy information on work-family relationships with our Fast Fact series.  If you are interested in composing a Fast Fact resource, or engaging students in the creation of Fast Facts, please contact the Executive Office at


Child Psychological Well-Being and Work Demands/Resources (Caelee Bouley 2022)

Commuting Strain, Job Performance and Home Life (Drew Raftery 2022).

Depression & Work-Family Relationships (Shane Kim 2021)

Disability in Adulthood (Margaret Tippett 2019)

Domestic Violence & the Workplace (Megan Motkowski 2021)

Extreme Work Hour Employment (Julia Tice 2022)

Generational Differences in Work Family Values (Kayla Joyce 2022).

International Birth Rate Declines (Rachel Ng 2022)

Paid Sick Leave (Gisela Rosa 2021)

Single Fathers’ Work-Family Experiences (Green-LaSelva 2022)

Women in the Workplace (Christina King 2019)

Young Carers & Work-Family Role Strains (Margaret Tippett 2019)


We are currently updating our previously published Fact Sheets to provide current information on a range of important issues.  Older summaries of topics can be found on this link to Fact Sheets.