Assessing Workplace Practices

Activity Description:


Length: 1,5000 words.

Group Paper Assignment.

Students of four to six students will be required to undertake a Work-Life Workplace Assessment of an organization for easing work/family/life conflicts. The Work-Life Workplace Assessment requires analysis of six major components: (1) Stakeholders, (2) Organizational structure and nature of tasks/projects, workflow timetables, rostering, (3) Workforce composition, (4) Motivators and barriers to work-life balance, (5) Existing policies, programs, and practices and take up rates for any existing work-life programs, (6) Company culture and informal practices, (7) Recommendations for senior managers on strategies for assisting employees ease their work/family/life conflicts. Critically analyze whether your recommendations are likely to be implemented soon and why? Students are expected to source additional readings to inform their analysis and present a list of recommendations.


Pitt-Catsouphes, M., & Bankert, E. (1998). Conducting a work/life workplace assessment. Compensation and Benefits Management, 14(3), 11-18.

Activity Source:

Adapted by Jane Case from Bardoel, A. (2003). “Work, Family and Life” Syllabus.