The Case of the Part-Time Partner

Activity Description:


To explore implications of reduced hours/part-time positions


  1. Have the class read the following case: Loveman, G. W. 1999. The case of the part time partner. Module 7: Workforce management: Employment relationships in changing organizations. In Ancona, D., Kochan, T., Scully, M., Van Maanan, J. Westney. E. Managing for the Future: Organizational Behavior and Processes (pgs. 63-74). Cincinnati, Ohio: Southwestern College.
  2. Have the students consider the possible positive and negative consequences of professional/managerial positions filled on a part-time basis. Encourage the students to think about the impact on the employee, the employees’ co-workers, the employees’ supervisor, the employees’ family, and the employees’ customers.

Activity Source:

Content contributed by Ellen Kossek as a Suggested Work and Family Class Activity