Career Interview

Career Stages

Combined Weekly Work Hours of All Couples and Dual-Earner Couples with Children in 1977 and 2002

Competition at Work

Country Profiles

Dependent Care Assistance Programs and Women in Senior Management, 1988

Dual-Earner Couples’ Adjustments to Work and Family Role Strain

Effective Diversity, Understanding Employee Needs and Employer Advantage

Enforcement Guidance: Unlawful Disparate Treatment of Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities

Examining Rights of Passage

Exploring Sex and Gender Roles

Fashion and Adornment at Work

Father Involvement Research Alliance

Gender and Race, Work and Public Policy

Gender, Care Giving and the Ideal Worker

Gendered Division of Labor

Hot Topic Debates

Identity Photographs

Illustration of Work-Family Concepts from ‘The Simpsons’

Integrating Flexible Work Arrangements and Work

Lobbying for and against Paid Family Leave

Mapping Your Social Capital

Personal Circumstances and Work Performance

Popular Culture and Work-Family Issues

Research Paper Assignment: Social Welfare

Syllabi: Women’s Economic Roles

The Glass Ceiling Phenomenon

The New Dad: Is There Really a New Breed of Fathers in the US?

The Usability of Work/Life Policies and Programs

Theories to “Real World” Decisions, A Paper Project

Tips for Reducing Family Responsibilities Discrimination at Work

To Pay or Not to Pay?

What Should Unions Do?

Women Need Support

Women’s Labor Force Participation

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