Taiwanese Academy of Management 

Location: Determined Annually

Time: Summer Annually

With the increase of the research population in the domestic management field and the formation of professional sub-areas, it is imperative to construct a professional organization that can promote the healthy development of the academic community; especially organizational behavior and human resource management, international enterprises, strategic management, and Major sub-areas such as science and technology management not only have considerable commonality in theoretical basis and research methods, but also have overlapping research populations, and cross-disciplinary learning activities are in urgent need of development. 

In view of this, with the support and assistance of the Management Department of the Humanities Department of the National Science Council, we jointly initiated the establishment of the “Taiwan Organization and Management Society”, through which this academically oriented professional organization can combine academics in related fields. Workers, in the spirit of community development, enhance the energy and experience of academic research and professional teaching, promote cross-disciplinary, international cooperation and learning, and assist in the development of professional career, thereby enhancing the influence of management scholars on industry and society. 

The “Taiwan Organization and Management Society” was approved by the Ministry of the Interior and will start recruiting members from now on. We look forward to joining you in this association!