Resources for Scholars and Teachers

The WFRN serves as a venue for reliable scholarship and a meeting point for academics engaged in work-family research.  It also engages the work-family community in developing and disseminating teaching resources.

If you are an academic researcher or instructor, you can locate a wealth of information on the website by examining Resources in the main menu bar.  Sometimes, however, the challenge is locating information that you need for a specific study or class activity.

Located to the right of this page is a search function that helps teachers and researchers to retrieve publications that focus on specific topics or concerns.  Rather than sifting through all of the resources that are available, the search function provides a means of filtering information.

If you are searching for a specific term, such as “discrimination”, enter that in the “Search Terms” box.  Alternately, a more capacious search can be performed by leaving the Search Terms box empty and selecting from a broad set of topics, such as, “Gender Dynamics and Inequalities.”  The search can be further narrowed by limiting the retrieval to pages classified as being of value to particular Stakeholder Groups, such as researchers or teachers.

Sometimes instructors and researchers do not know the specific information they need, but they know the types of information that might potentially be of value.  Below are some resource types that may be of particular interest.

Teaching Activities

A wide range of teaching activities can be found here.


Course designs and syllabi can be found here.


Our encyclopedia summarizes concepts, their relevance to work-family studies, the state of knowledge, and implications for research and practice.  It can be found here.


Terminology from A to Z is defined here.

Statistics and Fact Sheets

The Statistics Database and Fact Sheets were created to help academics, leaders at the workplace, and state policy makers access quality statistics on work and family issues.  These resources can be found here.