Facts, Figures and Concepts

The WFRN has collected a wealth of information on work-family concerns, including statistical information, essential concepts, summaries of research findings, and policy summaries.  We will be developing more resources in the months and years to come, as well as updating existing information.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts present statistics and other important information on specific work-family topics.

The Work and Family Encyclopedia

The Work and Family Encyclopedia was an online, peer-reviewed Encyclopedia. Encyclopedia entries were authored by scholars with expertise in the work and family area of study. The Encyclopedia was intended to serve as a resource to academics as well as leaders at the workplace and state policy makers.


The Glossary was prepared to clarify and/or define specific terms selected from entries in the Work and Family Encyclopedia as well as several other work and family sources.

Archive – Policy Briefs 2007-2010

NOTE – Archived information.  The Policy Briefing Series provides state legislators and their staff with information about the policy implications of work-family issues and how these issues affect their constituents. Innovative state policies and proposed bills that can improve the lives of working families are summarized. Created by the Sloan Network staff, this four page publication is helpful to legislators, policy groups and work-family committee members across the United States who focus on the legislation that is being discussed in each brief. The Policy Mini-Briefs are shorter, complementary briefs to the Policy Briefing Series, providing state legislators and their staff with a one page summary of work-family policy issues.