Reorganizing Work


The Reorganizing Work Networking Community provides a supportive forum for researchers and practitioners investigating initiatives to help workplaces support workers’ family and personal responsibilities. The group is focused on interventions that target work organizations, including efforts to change legislative and workplace policies, and organizational practices and processes, including organizational cultures.


Provide opportunities to learn from each other.

  • We discuss the science and art of organizational and systems intervention research.
  • We share information about study design issues, research partnerships with workplaces, and disseminating and translating research results beyond academic audiences.
  • We identify tools and resources for investigators and practitioners interested in organizational interventions.
  • We look for formal and informal ways to mentor emerging investigators and practitioners working on these topics.

Encourage debate and critical evaluation of different approaches to reorganizing work.

  • We welcome research and practitioner insights on alternative intervention goals and strategies, including individual vs. collective changes, programmatic vs. structural changes, and different motivational frames (business goals, employees’ well-being, gender equity, or a combination).
  • We study and discuss the benefits, challenges, and impact of organizational changes that are initiated by employers, by unions or workers’ groups, and by public policy or regulation.

Contribute to the WFRN conference program by organizing one or more panels on these topics.


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