Special Interest Group on Gender and Work-Family


Our mission is to create a vibrant community of scholars and practitioners exploring gender and work-family dynamics, challenges, and opportunities.  The group was co-founded by Krista Lynn Minnotte (University of North Dakota) and Maura Mills (University of Alabama). To view the Gender and Work-Family Special Interest Group (SIG) website, please click here.


  • Increase the visibility of work-family and gender research both within the WFRN and more broadly, including an increased awareness of the genders’ impact on experiences of work-family challenges and opportunities.
  • Provide a place where collaborations form, creating research that helps us to better understand and improve the work/family experiences of all genders across international contexts.
  • Provide a forum for sharing the latest research and innovations in the area of gender and work-family, highlighting the multifaceted and multidisciplinary nature of this area of study and the intersection of gender with other dimensions of inequality.
  • Contribute to understanding and challenging gendered assumptions and normative beliefs embedded in the institutions of work, family, and beyond.
  • Create a place to recognize and promote the successes of this group’s members.
  • Create a venue to formulate action items for organizations and others in moving forward to improve the work-family experiences of all genders.



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Chair: Krista Lynn Minnotte, University of North Dakota; krista.minnotte@und.edu
Vice-Chair: Samantha Ammons, University of Nebraska at Omaha; sammons@unomaha.edu
Secretary/Webmaster: Katherine Y. Lin, Dartmouth College; katherine.y.p.lin@dartmouth.edu