As a multi-disciplinary endeavor, work-family scholars present findings at conferences that are specifically devoted to work-family concerns as well as to researchers in their discipline’s national and regional conferences.  Below is a list of organizations that sponsor conferences that commonly include work-family sessions and the months that these conferences are commonly scheduled to occur.

Communication Conferences

National Communication Association; October

HIV/AIDS Conferences

Transforming Care Conference; October

Economics Conferences

Diana Conference; June

United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference; January

RENT Conference, Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business; November

Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research and Exchange Conference; February

G-Forum for Entrepreneurship; October

ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference; May

Family Studies Conferences

National Council on Family Relations; November

2019 Global Carework Summit; June

Committee on Family Research, International Sociological Association; July

Population Association of America; April

History Conferences

National Council for History Education; April

Labor Relations

Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA); June

Life Course

Society for Longitudinal and Life Course Studies; September

Management Conferences

Academy of Management; August

Asian Academy of Management; June

Taiwanese Academy of Management; June

Business Association of Latin American Studies; April

European Academy of Management Conference; June

Psychology Conferences

American Psychological Association; October

34th Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology ConferenceApril

Eastern Psychological Association; March

Southeastern Psychological Association; March

Southwestern Psychological Association; April

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association; April

Western Psychological Association; April

Midwestern Psychological Association; May

New England Psychological Association; October

Sociology Conferences