Diana Conference

Location: Announced Annually 

Time: Annually

The Diana Project™ was established in 1999 by Professors Brush, Carter, Gatewood,
Greene, and Hart – in partnership with ESBRI in Stockholm – to provide a platform for
research and scholarship focusing on women entrepreneurs and their growth. Since then,
The Diana Project™ has led the research agenda in women’s entrepreneurship across
continents, cultures, and contexts. The Diana International Research Conference brings
together more than 100 scholars worldwide, providing an annual forum to share global
research dedicated to asking and answering questions about women entrepreneurs and
how they grow their ventures.

The 2019 Diana International Research Conference will take place June 2nd-June 5th and
will be located at Babson College, in Wellesley, MA, USA. We invite participants to
consider submitting manuscripts that relate to this year’s theme: the ways in which women
entrepreneurs are catalyzing change and innovation in their leadership, ventures,
societies, and economies. This includes papers investigating new models, approaches,
and innovations created by women entrepreneurs for their ventures as well as new models
and innovations in ecosystems sparked by the start-up and expansion of women’s
entrepreneurship globally. Studies examining all units of analysis (individual, team,
venture, community, industry, or society) and utilizing any approach and/or methodology
are welcome.