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Connecting academic research to practice features among the most pressing challenges for creating and continuing support for work-life programs among employers.  To be effective, work-life practice must develop and expand in conjunction with the insights provided by available studies and research results put into sustained action. However, research-based practice is challenged by a number of factors (e.g., the questions asked by researchers, practice resources).  The purpose of the Connecting Research to Practice Networking Community is to facilitate study, dialogue, and action for achieving research and practice approaches that can be made more useful, understandable, and influential for practitioner and lay audiences working in the work-life field.


  • To share ideas and foster collaboration toward the development of study-based practices and new knowledge aimed at effectively bridging the research-practice divide.
  • To facilitate an informative research-practice dialogue, guided by recurring questions, for example: What can researchers do to identify which topics are relevant to an applied audience?  How can practitioners inform which questions are addressed in research?
  • To build models and scope strategies for effective research-practice collaborations based upon identified promising practices.
  • To identify where and how models/strategies for improving research-practice connections are most productively shared.
  • To develop a framework of actions for influencing employers to implement work-family initiatives informed by research-based evidence.
  • To foster the development of strong researcher-practitioner ties in the service of robust and sustainable work-family initiatives.


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