Aging, Work and Family


The aim of this group is to bring together researchers and practitioners with interests and expertise in aging as it relates to work and family.  Group interests include the study of aging workers, cohort changes in experiences of aging, caregiving, retirement, age discrimination at the workplace, and the intersection of multiple roles across the life course.


  • To share research findings and experiences on emerging topics relating to aging, work, and family.
  • To provide a forum for researchers and practitioners with interests in these topics to discuss their work, and further the research on the impact of aging in the workplace.
  • To identify mutual research interests on these topics by employers, researchers, and practitioners.
  • To identify emerging issues in aging, work, and family for collaborative research involving researchers, employers, and practitioners.
  • To promote workplace and government policies that support aging workers.
  • To encourage rigorous research in the many aspects of the field of aging, work, and family.


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