Work-Family Justice: Practices, Partnerships & Possibilities

WFRN 6th Biennial Conference JUNE 23-25, 2022 in NYC


Please mark your calendars and plan to be with us on June 23-25, 2022 at the New York Hilton Midtown in New York City. The 2022 conference theme is Work-Family Justice: Practices, Partnerships & Possibilities. What an incredibly important moment to be focused on work-family scholarship and to connect to our amazing network!  We anticipate an extraordinary program highlighting the work of a global community of scholars and leaders. Questions about submissions can be directed to

With best wishes,

Melissa Milkie, WFRN President

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Know Before You Go

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Program and Registration

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To keep up-to-date on scheduling changes and session information, please click here for the LIVE up-to-date web version of our program. Questions and comments can be directed to .

Submissions are now closed.  All participants in the 2022 conference must be members and registered for the event by February 15, 2022.  See our membership page for information on fees and potential assistance for students and those with economic disadvantages.  To register, click here. Notifications of submission acceptances were sent out to presenters in February.


The 2022 WFRN Conference will be held at the New York Hilton Midtown 1335 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, 10019; Telephone (USA): 1-212-586-7000. If making reservations by phone, use group code “WFRN”.

To access the WFRN’s discount room block


The WFRN has secured a limited number of rooms at a discount rates. To secure the discount rate,  click the above link or contact the Hilton and specify that you will be attending the “Work and Family Researchers Network Conference.” Rooms need to be booked prior to May 24, 2022 to receive the discounted rate.  In the event that rooms are not available for the dates of your stay, please contact the WFRN’s Executive Office at and inform us of the dates in concern.  We will work with the Hilton Midtown to secure additional room spaces.  If the hotel link appears inactive, please try accessing it through a different browser app.  If that does not work, please contact the Executive Office.

The WFRN appreciates conference participants booking at least a portion of their stay at the Hilton to foster community among its membership as well as to offset any additional costs that the organization will have to pay if reserved rooms are left unoccupied. Show your support of the WFRN by reserving all or part of your stay in NYC at the Hilton Midtown.



Our priority in organizing the 2022 conference is securing the wellbeing of participants.  The WFRN will follow all local and national guidance for Covid safety protocols.  In addition we will require signification of vaccination.  All members in attendance will be expected to comply with the local guidelines at the time of the conference.  The WFRN will monitor recommendations and changes to recommendations as they occur.

Masks must be worn, fully covering nose and mouth, at all times inside the conference venue, unless actively eating, drinking, or presenting.

The WFRN is committed to holding an in-person event June 23-25, 2022 in New York.  We recognize that the ever-changing circumstances in these challenging times can potentially disrupt travel to the 2022 conference.  If you have already submitted a paper, poster, or roundtable and found that circumstances (such as travel restrictions or lack of funding) will prevent you from attending as planned, we would still like to help you present your research if possible.  We are currently exploring options for synchronous and asynchronous events that can potentially occur after the conference.  Note – To present in a synchronous or asynchronous event after the conference, you must remain registered for the 2022 conference. To register your interest, please click on the following link and we will be in contact with you after the conference.  Click here.

For current information on Covid/travel related policies in New York City, see these links:



Internet Access

Owing to cost concerns, the conference venue will not have free public wifi.  A computer will be available at the registration desk in the event that a presenter needs to download any file(s) to their own flash drive.

Instructions for Paper Presenters and Presiders

Most paper sessions will have 4 presentations, which will occur in the order of the program.  Each session will have a presider (who will usually also be a presenter).  Presiders will help limit presentations to 12-15 minutes (maximum), followed by 5 minutes of question and answers.  If a presentation goes over 15 minutes, the moderator may wait and hold questions for that participant until all presentations are completed.  Please practice your presentations in advance of the conference so that your presentation does not impinge on the time needed by other presenters.  Rooms will be equipped with a computer and LCD projector. For those sessions with 5 papers, the presider will limit time to 10-12 minutes per presenter, plus up to 5 minutes of Q & A.

IMPORTANT – Computers will not be linked to the internet.  You must come with your presentation on a flash drive. In the event that you need internet services at the conference venue, there will be a computer available at the registration desk where you can transfer your file(s) to a flash drive. Arrive early to your session in order to copy your file onto the provided laptop computer before the session begins.

Instructions for Poster Presenters

In the presentation hall, there will be easels on which you can hang your posters.  Each easel will have a 3 foot by 4 foot rigid poster board, on which posters can be affixed.  Easels will not be assigned.  Thumb tacks and clips will be made available in the presentation hall.


Seeking a Roommate

The WFRN provides access to an online spreadsheet that enables conference participants to locate other individuals who are interested in sharing rooms. If you are seeking a roommate for the conference, you can list your name, email address, desired hotel, and arrival/departure dates in the spreadsheet link below. You can also search for others who are seeking roommates. Once you have secured a roommate, you can delete your name from the list. Disclaimer: While the WFRN provides access to this list so that participants can connect with one another, it does not assume any responsibility for arrangements made through this list and does not monitor the list. This list is “open” meaning that individuals who are not conference participants can also potentially access it. Individuals posting to this list and securing roommate arrangements through this list do so at their own risk. To access the roommate list click here.

Networking Dinners

The WFRN Membership Engagement Committee is excited to be bringing back Networking Dinners for the 2022 conference. Networking dinner participants are sorted into groups of approximately six people based on their interests with each table. Groups meet up at the conference hotel Friday evening and walk to a local restaurant together. Pre-registration is required, and we ask that people avoid signing up if they are not sure they will be able to attend. Note that the cost of meals is not included, but the Committee is working hard to find affordable venue options so that all those who are interested can participate. Registration is now closed.

Mentorship Matching

The WFRN Membership Engagement Committee is also excited to debut a new mentorship program. We invite all members to participate as either a mentor or mentee, or even both! The Committee will be soliciting applications to determine interests and then matching mentees and mentors at different levels. Senior faculty will be matched with either junior faculty or students while junior faculty may also be matched with students. Please consider signing up as a mentor to help the next generation of work-family scholars hit the ground running. The success of this initiative will depend on the generosity of our mentors. To sign up for a mentorship or volunteer to be a mentor, follow this link: Registration ends May 15, 2022.

Child Care

Through the generous support of Bright Horizons, the WFRN is able to provide free childcare to a limited number of families during the 2022 conference.  Accommodations will be available on Thursday June 23 and Friday June 24.  To register your need for childcare, please submit your request no later than May 15, 2022 by following this link.


Early Career Fellowship Program Preconference June 22, 2022

Lindsey Trimble O’Connor (Early Career Fellowship DirectorCalifornia State University Channel Islands)

NOTE – Participation restricted to Early Career Fellowship Recipients.

Wednesday | 9:00 am-6:00 pm | Gibson Suite – 2nd floor

Pre-Conference Workshop: Professional Development for Doctoral Students in the Work & Family Field

Organizers: Wen Fan (Boston College) and Yvonne Lott (Hans-Böckler-Stiftung)

Wednesday | 1:00 pm-5:15 pm | Midtown Suite – 4th floor

In three highly interactive sessions, outstanding work and family scholars from diverse fields will provide insights into three topics:

  • How to get your work published
  • How to network at conferences
  • How to engage organizations, policy makers, and the public

In a concluding session, panel members will address questions from workshop participants.

Registration is now closed.

Pre-Conference Workshop: Using ATUS 2020 Data to Investigate Covid-19 Influences on Daily Behaviors and Interactions June 22, 2022

Organizers: (Liana Sayer, University of Maryland, College Park) and Sarah Flood (University of Minnesota)

Wednesday | 9:00 am-12:00 pm | Midtown Suite – 4th floor

The COVID-19 pandemic upended many aspects of our lives, including how we spend our time. Demographic and population science researchers are likely eager to use the ATUS to explore changes in daily behavior and interactions. However, data collection for the American Time Use Survey (ATUS), the most appropriate data source for measuring changes in time use in the United States, was interrupted by social distancing conditions related to the pandemic. This has created several challenges regarding data analysis. This workshop will provide 1) an introduction to the ATUS; 2) demonstrations of data access tools that streamline the research process; 3) an overview of data analysis challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic; and 4) practice analyzing the 2020 ATUS. The American Time Use Survey (ATUS) has been fielding annual time diary data since 2003. The data are nationally representative, utilize data collection and measurement approaches that are vetted, and offer a comparable pre-pandemic comparison. While the focus of the workshop is on the COVID-19 pandemic, the data and tools covered are relevant to a broad range of research questions. The workshop will provide hands-on demonstrations for two methods of accessing ATUS data via IPUMS. The first is the IPUMS ATUS data extract system, which allows researchers to create and download customized ATUS data files that are ready for analysis in a statistical software package. The IPUMS ATUS data extract system offers a tool for creating custom time use variables, where researchers specify combinations of activities and/or filters to create new variables reporting the number of minutes respondents spent on activities matching the specified criteria. The second is use of the IPUMS ATUS online analysis tool, which allows researchers to analyze time diary data through an online interface rather than downloading a data file for use in a statistical software package. The demonstrations will focus on comparisons between parental time use in 2020 and 2019, to highlight how these data and tools can be used to better understand how the COVID19 pandemic affected time use for a particular group of people. Participants will work collaboratively with organizers to answer a research question, e.g., how has parents time use changed following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic? We will also provide an overview of the 2021 ATUS Health and Well-Being module, which is currently being collected. After the workshop, participants will be comfortable navigating IPUMS ATUS, a harmonized version of the original ATUS data, creating IPUMS customized data extracts, including creating custom variables that summarize different types of activities, using our online data analysis tool, and understanding data analysis challenges related to 2020 data. This event is free, but registration is required due to space constraints. Register here:  Registration deadline May 15, 2022.


On Saturday June 25, Stephanie Coontz conducted a workshop on presenting research to non-academic audiences.  She generously provided additional materials to help those who could not attend.  To see these resources, Click here.




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Opportunities to Explore the Cultural Diversity of NYC

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New York City is known for its remarkable food. A word of advice, restaurants will tend to be better as one moves away from Times Square. To see a list of restaurants in walking distance of the Hilton Midtown, click here.

Other Suggestions from WFRN Members

Do you have personal favorite things to do in New York City? Contact the WFRN’s Executive Office at and we will post your suggestions here.

“I love to take in shows off Broadway, especially at the Cherry Lane Theater which has some wonderful performances in an intimate space. Anyone up for a run in Central Park?”-Stephen Sweet

“I recommend restaurant Rue 57 (4 minute walk), Sarabeth’s for brunch (7 minute walk), and Michelin star rated Le Bernandin (3 minute walk, must make reservations).” – Kahlil King






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