What Should Unions Do?

Activity Description:


To consider the union’s proper role in aiding its members in resolving their work/family conflicts


  1. Divide the class into groups of 4-5 students.
  2. Have them consider the following scenario and develop realistic solutions that could be implemented by the union:
  3. Many hospitals in NYC are dealing with complaints from their emergency room nurses due to the difficulties they are having finding a plausible daycare solution (outside of work) often due to their irregular work hours and schedules. Many do not have access to relatives, neighbors, etc. that would be willing or able to watch them at these odd hours, much less at an affordable price. Most do, however, belong to local affiliates of the NYS Nurses Association and would like their employers to provide some type of on site childcare facility which would meet their child care needs.
  4. Should the NYSNA become involved and if so what should its prescribed course of action be?
  5. After each group has discussed and developed their own course of action have them present their plans. Next, the class as a whole should decide upon the most viable option.
  6. End with a debate on the advantages and disadvantages of union involvement in work/family issues.

Activity Source:

Content contributed by Robert Drago and Jennifer Fazioli as a Suggested Work and Family Class Activity