The Relationship Between Work and Family Lives

Activity Description:


To discuss the linkages between work and family


Step 1– The class is divided into three groups. Two of the groups (Groups A and B) are instructed to defend one of the following statements in a 10-minute presentation to the class:

  • Group A: “Individuals’ work and family lives are more likely to interfere with one another than strengthen one another.”
  • Group B: “Individuals’ work and family lives are more likely to strengthen one another than interfere with one another.”
  • Group C: Serves as the judges for the debate.

Step 2– Group A and Group B are given 30 minutes to prepare their 10-minute presentation. Group C is given 30 minutes to establish the criteria it will use to judge the debate.

Step 3– Group A gives its presentation followed immediately by Group B’s presentation.

Step 4– Group C announces the “winner” and explains the basis for its judgment.

Step 5– The instructor facilitates a discussion on when work and family interfere with one another and when work and family strengthen each other.

Activity Source:

Content contributed by Jeffrey Greenhaus and Romila Singh as a Suggested Work and Family Class Activity