Strategies for Work-Family Integration

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Strategies for Work-Family Integration

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Border/Boundary Theory and Work-Family Integration


To explore concepts of border ambiguities and work-family integration


  1. Discussion Starter
  2. Ask students what “work” and “family” mean to them.
  3. Inquire whether there have ever been times when they have tried to “kill two birds with one stone,” for example by bringing their work home or bringing their kids to work with them.
  4. Debate
  5. Ask for volunteers and get them to debate the topic — “Work and family— the twain shall never meet.”

Alternatively, if you teach a large class, you can ask two of your teaching assistants to prepare a short 3-5 minute case and have them debate it in front of the entire class putting the for and against case. This is especially effective at the beginning of a class to get the students engaged in the topic. You can also gauge the students’ positions pre and post the debate.

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Content contributed by Stephan Desrochers and Leisa D. Sargent as a Suggested Work and Family Class Activity