PBS Series, ‘Livelyhood,’ “Night Shift” Episode

Activity Description:

‘Livelyhood’ is a series of one-hour PBS specials focused on the work lives of Americans and how work impacts families, homes, and communities.  It examines the changing nature of work and the economy and how American families are affected by these changes. Episode topics include “Working Family Values,” “The Workday that Wouldn’t Die,” and “Night Shift.”  Each episode listed on the ‘Livelyhood’ website contains a link to a Viewing Guide and Classroom Activities and Resources.

Click here to access the homepage of ‘Livelyhood.’  Click on the second link, “Night Shift,” to access the homepage for that episode: http://www.pbs.org/livelyhood/episodes.html

For a link to the Interactive Teacher Guide for the episode “Night Shift,” click here: http://www.pbs.org/livelyhood/classroom/nightshift/viewing_guide.html

Activity Source:

The PBS series on the changing nature of work, ‘Livelyhood:’ http://www.pbs.org/livelyhood/index.html