Identity Photographs

Activity Description:


To explore three dimensions of identity


Take 12 – 24 photographs that represent the answer to the question, “Who am I?”

Mount the photos. Include a write-up that explains the photographic content of your self-concept.

The write-up should address four questions:

  • What do your identities mean to you? (e.g., the content of your identities as conveyed by the photographs)
  • How do you think other people see you? (e.g., reflexivity of identities)
  • What identities are the most and least important with regard to defining who you are (e.g., salience of identities portrayed in the photographs).
  • What are the implications that your identities have with regard to current or future work-family responsibilities?

Activity Source:

Content contributed by Don Forsyth as a Suggested Work and Family Class Activity