Advocating for Family Friendly Benefits

Combined Weekly Work Hours of All Couples and Dual-Earner Couples with Children in 1977 and 2002

Costs of Childcare 

Fair Labor Standards Act: Drafting a Proposal for Compensatory Time under the FLSA

Flexible Work Arrangements: A Strategic Business Imperative in Any Economy


Hot Topic Debates

Integrating Flexible Work Arrangements and Work

International Comparison of Work Hours

Lobbying for and against Paid Family Leave

National Federation of Independent Business, Family Time Flexibility/Compensatory Time

Point/Counterpoint: Advantages and Disadvantages of Telecommuting

Quantitative Literacy and Work-Family Issues

Research Paper Assignment of Work-Family and the Life Course

Research Paper on Family Responsive Benefits

Research Paper on Work and Child Care Arrangements

Shift Work or: What Time is it Anyway?

Student Group Presentations of Work-Family Issues

Talking about Alternative Work Arrangements

Telework as Sustainability Solution

The Case of the Part-Time Partner

Tips for Reducing Family Responsibilities Discrimination at Work

To Pay or Not to Pay?

What Should Unions Do?

Women’s Labor Force Participation

Work Hours

Work-Family Spillover, Time Use and Food Choices: Perceptions and Strategies of Low-Income Workers