After School Action Kit

After School Training Toolkit

Collaborative Web Project on Social Structure, Agency, and Diversity

Costs of Childcare

Group Discussion on Work and Family Policies and Strategies

Identity Photographs

Illustration of Work-Family Concepts from ‘The Simpsons’

Improving Work Supports

Mapping Your Social Capital

PBS Series, ‘Livelyhood,’ “Night Shift” Episode

Research Paper Assignment: Social Welfare

The Usability of Work/Life Policies and Programs

Theories to “Real World” Decisions, A Paper Project

Understanding and Measuring Work/Family Integration

Welfare Reform and Work-Family Studies

Wharton Work/Life Integration Project

What Should Unions Do?

Women’s Labor Force Participation

Work-Family Spillover, Time Use and Food Choices: Perceptions and Strategies of Low-Income Workers

Work-Family vs. Work-Life: Are Organizations Equally Supportive of Family and Non-Family Concerns?