After School Action Kit

After School Training Toolkit 

Breastfeeding and Public Health 

Costs of Childcare

Dependent Care Assistance Programs and Women in Senior Management, 1988

Enforcement Guidance: Unlawful Disparate Treatment of Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities

Father Involvement Research Alliance

Gender, Care Giving and the Ideal Worker

Gendered Division of Labor

Hot Topic Debates

Illustration of Work-Family Concepts from ‘The Simpsons’

Improving Work Supports

Integrating Flexible Work Arrangements and Work

Lobbying for and against Paid Family Leave

National Federation of Independent Business, Family Time Flexibility/Compensatory Time

PBS Series, ‘Livelyhood,’ “Night Shift” Episode

Personal Circumstances and Work Performance

Research Paper Assignment of Work-Family and the Life Course

Research Paper on Family Responsive Benefits

Research Paper on Work and Childcare Arrangements

Student Group Presentations of Work-Family Issues

The New Dad: Is There Really a New Breed of Fathers in the US?

The Usability of Work/Life Policies and Programs

Theories to “Real World” Decisions, A Paper Project

To Pay or Not to Pay?

Welfare Reform and Work-Family Studies

What Should Unions Do?

Women Need Support

Work-Family Spillover, Time Use, and Food Choices: Perceptions and Strategies of Low-Income Workers

Work-Family vs. Work-Life: Are Organizations Equally Supportive of Family and Non-Family Concerns?