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The syllabi below are older resources that can still be of potential value and use. The virtual library of work and family syllabi was created to encourage faculty in different disciplines to include work and family topics in their courses. Readings, lectures, and class assignments are included in these syllabi.

The course syllabi are covered by pertinent copyright laws and should be considered published materials, authored by the faculty members who submitted them.

Faculty Discipline Course Title To View
ADLER, Mariana Sociology Gender, Work, and Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective ©


ALBELDA, Randy Economics Women’s Economic Roles © Albelda
ALLEN, Tammy Psychology Labor & Employment Relations © Allen
APPELBAUM, Eileen Labor & Employment Relations Women and Work © Appelbaum
BARDOEL, Anne Business Work, Family and Life © Bardoel
BERHEIDE, Catherine Sociology Work, Family, and Organizations © Berheide
BERIK, Günseli Economics Feminist Economics © Berik
BIANCHI, Suzanne Sociology Family Demography: Family Change and Variation © Bianchi
BRAYFIELD, April Sociology Gender, Work & Family in Cross-Cultural Perspective © Brayfield
BRITTON, Dana Sociology Sociology of Work © Britton
CHESLEY, Noelle Sociology The Work-Family Intersection © Chesley
CINTRON, Leslie Sociology The Sociology of Work and Family © Cintron
CONNELLY, Rachel Economics Economics of the Lifecycle © Conelley
COOPER, Evan Sociology & Anthropology Work and the Family © Cooper
DAMARIN, Amanda Sociology Sociology of Work, Industry, and Occupations © Damarin
DELGADO, Enilda Sociology Sociological Aspects of Work and Life © Delgado
DEPREZ, Luisa Sociology Women, Welfare, and the State © Deprez
DESROCHERS, Stephan Psychology Family Theory and Research © Derochers
DIXON, Marc Sociology Sociology of Work © Dixon
DRAGO, Bob Labor Studies and Industrial Relations First Year Seminar © Drago first year
Labor Market Analysis © Drago labor market
Race, Gender and Employment © Drago RGEmployment
Work-Life © Drago work life
Work & Family © Drago work and family
EATON, Susan Business Strategic Human Resource Management: Working Well With People © Eaton
FLORO, Maria & GROWN, Caren Economics Gender Roles in the Economy © Floro
FRIED, Mindy Social Policy Gender and Race, Work and Public Policy © Fried
GERSON, Kathleen Sociology American Families in Transition © Gerson Transition
Families, Work, and Gender Inequality © Gerson_inequality
GLASS, Jennifer Sociology & Women’s Studies Work and Family Institutions © Glass WF Institutions
Policy Analysis and Management Work-Family Policies in Comparative Perspective © Glass Comp
GLAUBER, Rebecca Sociology Family, Work, and Inequality ©  Glauber
GOLDBERG, Wendy Psychology and Social Behavior Work and Family © Goldberg
GOLDEN, Lonnie Economics Family Life in Economic Context © Golden economic context
Labor and Employment Relations Work-Life Policies and Practices © Golden policies and practice
GROWN, Caren Economics Gender Perspectives In Economic Analysis: Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Trade And Investment © Grown 2
GROWN, Caren

& FLORO, Maria

Economics Gender Perspectives on Economic Analysis:

Microeconomics, Labor, Poverty and Social Policy ©

HAAS, Linda Sociology Topics in Sociology: Families and Work ©  Haas sociology
Gender and Work © Haas gender and work
HALEY-LOCK, Anna & JONES, Thomas Multi-discipline The Contemporary U.S. Workplace:

Social Welfare and Efficiency in Firm-Employee Relations ©


Douglas T.

Organizational Behavior Seminar on Careers Research and Theory © Hall

Diane F.

Psychology Psychology of Children, Family, & Work © Halpern
HANSEN, Karen Sociology Families and Economic Intersections © Hansen intersections
North American Families © Hansen NA families
Social Perspectives on Motherhood and Mothering © Hansen motherhood

Leslie B.

Psychology Work and Family © Hammer
HARRINGTON, Brad Organizational Behavior Career Management and Work / Life Integration in Today’s Workplace © Harrington
HILL, E. Jeffrey School of Family Life Work and Family © Hill
HORWITZ, Steven Economics Economics of Gender and the Family ©  Horwitz
HYNES, Kathryn Human Development and Family Studies Work and Family © Hynes work and family
Work as a Context for Human Development © Hyneshuman development
US Social Policy in International Comparison: Demographic Changes and Social Choices © Hynes us policy
JARVIS, Helen Geography, Politics & Sociology Gender Divisions at Work © Jarvis
KELLY, Erin L. Sociology Gender, Work, and Family © Kelly
KOSSEK, Ellen Ernst Labor and Industrial Relations Quality Of Work Life: Implementing Human Resource Innovations in the Workplace © Kossek
KOZIMOR-KING, Michele Lee Sociology Marriage and Family © Kozimor-King
KROSKA, Amy Sociology Family and Work © Kroska
LAMBERT, Susan Social Service Administration Organizational Theory and Change © Lambert organizational theory
Workforce and Workplace Development: Inequality in Employment © Lambert workforce inequality
MACDERMID, Shelley Child Development and Family Studies Families and Workplaces © Macdermid
MARTI, Gerardo Sociology Sociology of Work © Marti
MAUME, David Sociology Family Policy Seminar © Maume family policy
Integrating Work and Family © Maume  integrating w and f
MEDERER, Helen Sociology Work and Family Life © Mederer


MISRA, Joya Sociology Comparative Welfare States © Misra welfare comp
Gender & Social Policy: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Family, Economy, and the State © Misra cross culture
Gender Seminar © Misra gender
MOEN, Phyllis Human Development Gender and the Life Course: Work and Family Issue © Moengen gender and lifecourse
Seminar in Life Course Studies: Work and Family Careers © Moen sem wf careers
Sociology of Time: Age, Work, and the Gendered Life Course © Moen age work geneder
MOEN, Phyllis

& ROEHLING, Patricia

Human Development The Changing Life Course © Moen  changing life course
MOEN, Phyllis

& SWEET, Stephen

Human Development Designing Research: A Workshop on Life Course Analysis © Moen designing research
MORETT, Chris Sociology Work and Family © Morett
OLLIER MALATERRE, Ariane Human Resources L’affectif Et Le Personnel Au Travail: Gérer Les Personnes ©

(The Emotional and the Staff at Work: Manage People)

OSNOWITZ, Debra Regional Economic and Social Development Gender Differences at Work © Osnowitz gender diff at work
Sociology Professions, Organizations, and Careers © Osnowitz prof org careers
Labor Studies Work and Family, Inequality and Gender © Osnowitz inequality and career
Sociology Work, Risk, and Inequalilty © Osnowitz work risk inequality
PRESSER, Harriet Sociology Gender, Work, and Family © Presser gender work family
Work and Family Policy © Presser work family policy
Population and Family Policy © Presser population family policy
RENZULLI, Linda Sociology Gender and Work ©  Renzulli
RODGERS, Yana Women’s and Gender Studies Women Working in the Global Economy: A Feminist Perspective © Rodgers
ROOS, Patricia A. Sociology Honors Seminar: Work, Family, and Politics in the 21st Century© Roos
SECRET, Mary Social Work The Intersection of Paid Work and Family Life: Implications for Social Work Practice and Policy Development © Secret
SHULKIN, Sandee Social Work Work & Family Policy and Practice © Shulkin

Denise A.

Economics The Workplace and the Family © Skinner
STROBER, Myra Economics Work and Family © Strober
SWEET, Stephen Sociology Sociology of Work and the Family © Sweet
THOMPSON, Cynthia Management Balancing Work and Life: Individual and Organizational Perspectives © Thompson
THORNE, Barrie Sociology Family and Life Cycle © Thorne family and life cycle
Cultures of Care: A Perspective on Family and Work © (Thorne & Hochschild) Thorne cultures of care
TRAPPE, Heike Sociology Gender in Mainstream Sociology Textbooks © Trappe
ULLMAN, Clairet International and Public Affairs Work/Family Policy in Advanced Industrial States © Ullman
USDANSKY, Margaret Sociology Family and Work © Usdansky
WEINER, Elaine Sociology Family and Modern Society ©  Weiner
WEINER, Elaine Sociology Gender and Work © Weiner gender and work
WISENSALE, Steve Human Development & Family Studies Public Policy and the Family © Wisensale public policy
Comparative Family Policy © Wisensale  comp family policy
WOLFERS, Justin Economics Strategy in the Business Enviornment © Wolfers_strategy
The Economics of Marriage and Divorce © Wolfers_divorce