The WFRN is currently updating its information on policies, laws and legislation.

State Level Statutes

The Work and Family Statutes by Theme are presented primarily for state policy makers to help provide an overview of the laws that have been passed in various states that are relevant to work and family issues.

Policy Briefs

The Policy Briefing Series provides state legislators and their staff with information about the policy implications of work-family issues and how these issues affect their constituents. Innovative state policies and proposed bills that can improve the lives of working families are summarized. Created by the Sloan Network staff, this four page publication is helpful to legislators, policy groups and work-family committee members across the United States who focus on the legislation that is being discussed in each brief.

The Policy Mini-Briefs are shorter, complementary briefs to the Policy Briefing Series, providing state legislators and their staff with a one page summary of work-family policy issues.

Policy Briefing Series


Policy Mini-Brief Series