Workplace strategy: a new workplace model. By: O’Rourke, Glenn A. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources. Mar2021, p1. 13p.

The pandemic has had a devastating impact on lives and livelihoods, but also unlocked a unique opportunity for change – a catalyst for a better future. It has forced new ways of working to protect individual health as well as maintain continuity and productivity to protect livelihoods – the largest ‘work from home, work apart experiment’ ever. It is a once‐in‐a‐generation opportunity to transform the future of how we live and work. Transforming the future will require a reinvention of how, where and when we work – a new COVID‐19 safe workplace model, as well as a new workplace contract between employer and employee. Employers must ensure trust, flexibility and choice, as well as the highest quality digital experience, and most importantly a COVID‐19 safe workplace. Employees must accept autonomy with responsibility, each accountable for their own performance and productivity. Success will require balance, a shared vision and great leadership.