Chan, X. W., Shang, S., Brough, P., Wilkinson, A., & Lu, C. Q. (2022). Work, life and COVID‐19: a rapid review and practical recommendations for the post‐pandemic workplace. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources.

Remote working because of the COVID‐19 pandemic has eroded boundariesbetween work and home, necessitating the need to evaluate the long‐termimpacts of these changes and mitigate any negative effects on workers’work‐life experiences. To do so, we reviewed and examined work‐life researchpublished since the start of the pandemic. The review yielded a sample of 303work‐life scholarly articles, with three common themes: 1) work‐lifeboundaries have become more permeable, with behavior‐based and time‐basedwork‐life conflict emerging as the more salient forms of work‐life conflict;2) technical work demands have increased, as employees grapple withtechno‐invasion, techno‐overload and techno‐complexity; and 3) psychologicaland emotional work demands have intensified. Based on these key findings, wecall for multi‐level and multi‐agency responses to deal with the complex,diverse nature of work‐life demands. Specifically, we offer recommendationsat the individual‐, team/organizational‐ and societal/governmental‐levels toenhance employees’ work and non‐work lives after the pandemic.