María Gómez Escarda, Yolanda Agudo Arroyo & Rubén J. Pérez Redondo (2020) Work-family spillover in the Spanish armed forces, Community, Work & Family, DOI: 10.1080/13668803.2020.1771284

Spillover theory refers to positive and/or negative influence of work environment on the family sphere or vice versa. This article shows presence of both types of spillover in the Spanish Armed Forces. The information analysed has been extracted from a survey on military’s couples, with a questionnaire that included a block of open-ended questions. These questions asked about the positive and/or negative repercussions of military profession in families. From discourse analysis, series of data have been analysed taking into account the five main factors that influence work-family relationship: work and/or economic; family; psychological/attitude; social; and institutional. It has been able to see that positive spillover occurs primarily in the work/economic factor, while negative spillover is located mainly in the family factor.