Women's relationships with women at work: Barriers to solidarity. By: Webber, Gretchen R.; Giuffre, Patti. Sociology Compass. Jun2019, Vol. 13 Issue 6.

Voluminous scholarship documents the wage gap, occupational segregation, sexual harassment, and other forms of gender inequality at work. Few sociological studies explore women’s work relationships with other women. Our article summarizes existing research from several disciplines on women’s working relationships with other women. Specifically, three themes about the conditions of work emerge that discourage women’s support for other women: (a) negative stereotypes about women, (b) lack of recognition of gender inequality, and (c) the devaluation of women’s relationships, groups, and networks. We assert that these conditions reinforce essentialized notions of women, ignore larger structural inequalities at work, and cast women as the primary culprit in perpetuating gender inequality at work. We conclude with promising areas for future research on women’s working relationships with other women.