Rosińska, A. (2023). Whose Rights? Domestic Workers Organizing in Massachusetts. Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society, 30(1), 69-92.

Household-based care work is a particular labor sector that presentschallenges to organizing politically, including isolation and lack ofcoverage by labor laws. In the United States, domestic workers’ organizationshave since the 1990s been led by immigrants of color, and in ten states theywere successful at establishing state regulations on domestic work. Thisarticle examines the collective identity of these organizations against thebackground of the claims, frames, and alliances established in domesticworkers’ activism at the state level, with a particular focus on the campaignfor the Massachusetts Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Based on interviewswith organizers and other experts carried out in 2018–2020, I analyze thediscrepancy between the demographics of the organizations led by immigrantsof color, and the claims these organizations were making, which largelyavoided making direct reference to the issue of immigration or race forstrategic purposes.