"When I Iron My Son's Shirt, I Feel My Maternal Role": Making Women's Invisible Work Visible. By: Kaplan, Amit; Sabbah-Karkabi, Maha; Herzog, Hanna. Journal of Family Issues. Sep2020, Vol. 41 Issue 9, p1525-1545. 21p.

This article seeks to learn how women perceive invisible  work and how it affects their lives. This article contributes to the  integration of different manifestations of invisible work into a  conceptual whole, especially in light of the fact that most research  has confined itself to only one aspect such as care work, housework, or  volunteering. Nine group interviews were conducted with Israeli mothers  from differing ethnic, religious, class, and age groups. Analysis  reveals that the distinctions between aspects of invisible work, such  as housework and care work and between activities belonging to the  private and public spheres are much more blurred in women’s lives than  might be inferred from the academic literature. Furthermore, throughout  the life course of women the meanings and expressions of invisible work  evolve creating a continuous struggle. In describing their everyday  activities, women challenge the socially constructed binary oppositions  in the context of the neoliberal economy.