Guercio, J. M., & Hunyadi, S. (2022). Using the Performance Diagnostic Checklist-Human Services (PDC-HS) to Enhance Data Collection Procedures in Residential Treatment Settings for Clients with Significant Behavioral Challenges. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 1-9.

Staff members working in three residential homes serving persons with developmental disabilities participated in the current study. Each residence was selected based upon poor staff performances related to consistent, accurate data collection. Written daily narratives compiled by the staff on each shift were compared to designated behavioral data collection forms in each residence to determine the degree of correspondence between the two measures. The written measures were entered digitally in the intranet system that was accessed by all staff. The Performance Diagnostic Checklist- Human Services (PDC-HS) was used to assess each of the environments with respect to their data collection behavior. The PDC-HS indicated the use of antecedent based strategies with the staff in the homes in order to increase their data collection behavior. A multiple baseline design across three separate residences was employed to examine the efficacy of the identified interventions. The results demonstrated significant increases in data collection across each of the residences that participated in the study.