Fox, A. L., Riggs, N. R., Yancura, L., Sharp, J. L., & Fruhauf, C. A. (2022). Translating Discovery Science. Improving self‐efficacy in grandparents raising grandchildren: Results from a strengths‐based education intervention. Family Relations.

Background: Custodial grandparents often protect against childhood traumaand promote resilience in their grandchildren. In this role, grandparentsface many challenges and may lack confidence in their parenting abilities.Increasing grandparent self‐efficacy may help promote grandfamily resilience.Yet few interventions exist to help grandparents adapt to challenges faced asprimary parenting figures for grandchildren. Objective: The purpose of thisstudy was to examine the preliminary efficacy of a strengths‐basedintervention for grandparents raising grandchildren and explore whether itwould improve grandparent self‐efficacy. Method: Grandparents providingprimary care to grandchildren participated in a 6‐week intervention,single‐group, pretest–posttest design. Self‐efficacy was assessed at baseline(N = 149), post‐intervention (n = 104), and 6 months (n = 55). A linear mixedeffects analysis was conducted to test the effect of the intervention ongrandparent self‐efficacy. Results: The intervention was associated withsmall improvements in grandparents’ self‐efficacy, after controlling fordemographic variables and perceived social support. These improvements weresustained over time. Conclusion: Our intervention addresses the complex needsof grandparents raising grandchildren and has a positive effect on theirself‐efficacy. This study provides support for the feasibility ofstrengths‐based intervention programs for grandfamilies. Implications:Programs that foster effective strategies to enhance self‐efficacy areimportant for the well‐being of grandfamilies.