O'Neal, Catherine Walker, Lucier‐Greer, Mallory, Peterson, Clairee, McKay, Brian, "Translating discovery science: Delivering online, asynchronous financial education to service members at career and personal life transitions," Family Relations, Jul2024, Vol. 73 Issue 3, p2014-2031

Grounded in the Kirkpatrick and Kirkpatrick model of evaluation, we examine multiple dimensions of military service members’ reactions to six online, asynchronous financial family life education efforts. Background: Using a “just‐in‐time” training model, financial literacy trainings that correspond to key family and career transitions were congressionally mandated for all service members. Program evaluation efforts are ongoing to assess training merit and inform training improvements. Method: The six specific trainings evaluated occurred when service members were relocating, returning from deployment, receiving a promotion, getting married, getting divorced, and the birth of a first child. We explored various dimensions of training reactions, including training topics that were perceived as most beneficial at certain life stages or transitions; the perceptions of the trainings’ quality, relevance, and impact; and finally, the likelihood of them sharing that information with their significant other. Data were collected between July 2021 and June 2023. Results: Overall, service members perceived the trainings as high quality, relevant, and impactful, and most service members were likely to share the information with their spouse. Some differences were seen by demographic groups, such that trainees who were enlisted (compared to officers), identified as African American (compared to White), and had a high school diploma or associate’s degree (compared to a more advanced degree) typically reported more favorable reactions. Conclusion and Implications: Actionable strategies are provided to support service members and inform the development and evaluation of other family life education programs, particularly online, asynchronous training and financial‐focused training.