Toward a multifaceted understanding of Lareau's "sense of entitlement": Bridging sociological and psychological constructs. By: Golann, Joanne W.; Darling‐Aduana, Jennifer. Sociology Compass. Jul2020, Vol. 14 Issue 7, p1-18. 18p.

In her influential ethnographic study, Lareau proposed that intensive middle‐class parenting strategies produce in children a “sense of entitlement” that can be used to gain advantages in schools and other institutional settings. In this article, we review both sociological and psychological studies to propose a multifaceted understanding of a sense of entitlement that challenges the assumption that the consequences of entitlement are exclusively positive. We also compare “sense of entitlement” with four psychological constructs—academic entitlement, help‐seeking, interpersonal control, and agentic engagement—that provide critical clues for subsequent empirical efforts. Our study highlights the benefits of bridging sociological and psychological work, not only to connect related disciplines and concepts, but also to assess and refine theory.