Dotson, Miranda, "The raced and gendered persistence of human‐exemptionalism," Sociology Compass, May2024, Vol. 18 Issue 5, p1-16

This paper makes the case for a reconsideration of the human exemptionalist paradigm in sociological research. Reviewing recent research on the racialized and gendered dimensions of environmental use and abuse in North America, this paper argues that the persistent belief that humans dominate over all other biota is a direct result of the white supremacist, patriarchal gender system. Traditional Anglo‐European performances of and expectations for masculinity not only mandate the subjugation of women, but of all biota. Consequently, the burdens for repair and regeneration are disproportionately placed upon feminized subjects. This racialized gender system is strengthened as long as human exemptionalism persists. Ultimately, sociologists should contend with ‘human supremacy’ as a system of inequality that strengthens all other systems of inequality that plague human society.  Moving forward, theories of liberation must go beyond the species boundary to account for an end to unjust domination of all life on Earth.