Muyidi, A., Zhang, Y. B., & Gist-Mackey, A. (2022). The Influence of Gender Discrimination, Supervisor Support, and Government Support on Saudi Female Journalists’ Job Stress and Satisfaction. Management Communication Quarterly, 08933189221103623.

From the perspectives of Saudi female journalists, the current studyexamined the predictive associations between gender discrimination,supervisor support, government support, and work-related outcomes (i.e., jobstress and job satisfaction). Supporting our predictions, regression analysesresults revealed that perceptions of gender discrimination were positivelyand perceptions of supervisor support were negatively associated with jobstress. In addition, we found that perceptions of supervisor support andgovernment support had positive associations with job satisfaction. Findingsare discussed considering women’s participation in the media industry inSaudi Arabia in relation to gender discrimination, supervisor and governmentsupport of women.