Tsagkanou, M, Polychroniou, P. & Vasilagkos, T. (2022) The impact of mentoring on work-family balance and job satisfaction in the hotel industry in Greece: The mediating role of working environment and flexibility, Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality & Tourism, 21:4, 572-592

This study investigate the relationship between work-family balance (WFB), job satisfaction and mentoring in the Greek hotel organizations. In particular, it investigates how mentoring contribute to career and family life outcomes with an additional emphasis on the role of the working environment (work demands, time & schedule flexibility). The findings indicate that both job satisfaction and career mentoring are positively related to WFB, while socioemotional mentoring is negatively related. Furthermore, work demands and flexibility are negatively associated both with WFB and job satisfaction. This study could turn the attention of hotel organizations to provide more mentoring and formal flexible arrangements.