Li, A., Zhou, Z. E., Shao, P. T., & Lin, Q. (2022). The father's and the mother's intrinsic work motivation and their work‐to‐family conflict perceived by the adolescent: Dyadic and triadic analyses. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Integrating work–family conflict theory with family systems theory, weexamine a potential dark side of parents’ intrinsic work motivation bylinking it to their work‐to‐family conflict (WFC) perceived by the adolescentat home. We hypothesize that the father’s (mother’s) intrinsic motivation maybe positively related to his (her) WFC perceived by the adolescent. Weadditionally hypothesize that one spouse’s WFC perceived by the adolescent ishigher when his/her relative intrinsic motivation (to the other spouse) ishigher. Finally, we examine gender egalitarianism (GE) as a moderator. Usingdata from 198 dual‐earning heterosexual couples and their adolescent childfrom the 500‐Family Project, we found strong support for the hypothesespertaining to the father but no support for the hypotheses pertaining to themother. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.