Candice L. Thomas, Lauren D. Murphy, Madeline L. Billeaud, Alexius E. Strasburg & Haley R. Cobb (2022) Supported here and supported there: understanding family-supportive supervisor behaviors in a telework context, Community, Work & Family, DOI: 10.1080/13668803.2022.2106188

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, work and life has became more blended as more workers have shifted to a telework context. Due to these notable changes in work and life, it is important to consider how supervisors are supporting their employees and how employees feel supported regarding their nonwork responsibilities. Here, we qualitatively and quantitatively assessed how well traditional conceptualizations of family-supportive supervisor behaviors (FSSB) align with the telework context. Results from interviews with supervisors and subordinates suggest that the traditional FSSB framework is relevant to the telework context, but that the actual expression of FSSB is somewhat different and unique when supervisors and subordinates work remotely. We followed up this qualitative investigation with a cross-sectional, online survey. Survey results also suggested that the traditional FSSB conceptualization holds within the telework context. Overall, based on our mixed methods, two-study report, we provide preliminary evidence that FSSB in a telework context are consistent with traditional conceptualizations (i.e. align with traditional dimensions) but the actual engagement in and reception of these behaviors may be different (i.e. consist of nuanced behavioral expressions).