Support System's Impact on Work-life Interface: A Study of Part-time Adult Students in India. By: Kumar, Payal; Chakraborty, Shreyashi; Kumar, Amit. Indian Journal of Industrial Relations. Jan2020, Vol. 55 Issue 3, p491-505. 15p.

Societies where extended families are the norm possibly provide a dissimilar context vis-à-vis western developed societies where nuclear families are the norm. A content analysis on semi-structured interviews was conducted on full-time employees who are parttime students in India, to examine the impact of support systems at work and in the family on worklife interface. The study signifies the necessity of organizational support in the form of not only policies but also supervisory and peer support for part-time adult students. Furthermore, in a specific context like India, where work-life boundaries tend to be non-permeable, the role of family becomes critical for such diverse group of employees, also creating a positive spillover effect at times.