Stereotype Content of North African Men and Women in France and Its Relation to Aggression. By: Fourgassie, Lisa; Subra, Baptiste and Sanitioso, Rasyid Bo. 2024. Social Psychology Quarterly. Vol. 87 Issue 1, p64-83.

The present research examines the stereotypes held about North Africans in French society today. Extending past works, we included gender and separately studied the stereotypes of North African men and women. Using three techniques, namely, spontaneous generation, attribute rating, and pathfinder analysis, our results revealed distinct stereotypes of North African men and women in French society. North African men are ascribed more antisocial traits. Traits associated with North African women are related to submissiveness and domestic chores. This suggests that stereotypes revealed in past studies concerned mainly the men of the group. The results underscore the need to consider gender when studying stereotypes of ethnic and minority groups.