Spillover and crossover of work resources: A test of the positive flow of resources through work–family enrichment. By: Carlson, Dawn S.; Thompson, Merideth J,; Crawford, Wayne S.; and Kacmar, K. Michele. 2019. Journal of Organizational Behavior. Volume 40, Issue 6.

In their seminal model of work–family enrichment, Greenhaus and Powell (2006) theorized five categories of work resources to have an impact on work–family enrichment. Using a matched set of 351 dual‐career spouses, we explored how these unique work resources contribute to work–family enrichment and how they spill over to shape job incumbents’ family outcomes and cross over to spouse outcomes. Results support indirect effects for the work resources of developmental experiences, supervisor support, schedule control, and self‐efficacy, but not salary, on marital satisfaction and family functioning through the job incumbent’s work–family enrichment. In addition, we found support for the crossover of these indirect effects to the spouse through the spouse’s positive crossover transmission, which facilitated the spouse’s marital satisfaction and commitment to the job incumbent’s organization. Our results suggest that multiple work resources have an impact on work–family enrichment and that the flow of positive work resources through work–family enrichment spills over to impact outcomes for the job incumbent and crosses over to the spouse.