Social support, work-family balance and satisfaction among Chinese middle- and upper-level managers: testing cross-domain and within-domain effects. By: Zhang, Mian; Foley, Sharon; Li, Hai; Zhu, Jinqiang. International Journal of Human Resource Management. Dec2020, Vol. 31 Issue 21, p2714-2736. 23p.

This study examines how social support is linked to satisfaction by simultaneously testing a cross-domain effect and within-domain effect. Guided by domain-specific mechanism and conservation of resources theory, we propose that work-family balance mediates the positive relationship between support from work (family) domain and satisfaction in family (work) domain (i.e. cross-domain effect). Based on social exchange mechanism, we propose that support from the work (family) domain is directly related to satisfaction within the same domain (i.e. within-domain effect). Using a sample of 281 Chinese middle- and upper-level managers, we tested our model using Structural Equation Modelling. Family support for work issues was linked to job satisfaction via work-family balance. Supervisor support for family issues had a positive direct effect on job satisfaction; family support for work issues had a positive direct effect on family satisfaction. We also found that job satisfaction was positively related to family satisfaction and gender moderated the relationship. We discuss our findings as they relate to the Chinese work and family context. Implications and future research directions are discussed.