Shah, S. S. (2020, May 19). Should Indian employees still work in home pajamas after the COVID-19 National Lockdown ends?

Most of us at the beginning of the global pandemic were convinced that COVID-19 is foreign to India. Hardly, did we ponder over its spread and its cascading effect on our lives. As the situation worsened, the Indian government authorities enforced strict guidelines to the public to combat the pandemic. That did not suffice, the ever increasing number of the infected led to a complete nationwide lockdown for almost 2 months. Businesses not falling under the category of essentials were completely shut down; whereas the work arrangements in the majority of organizations, companies, institutions, universities had to undergo expeditious changes; the safest and accomplishable alternative to be adopted by employees was ‘work-from-home’. After a long day, employees no longer have to change from their crisp, formal office wear into their home Pajamas – the roles seem to be blurring. This article shall elucidate the influence of coupling factors on role blurring further leading to lower job satisfaction and lower job performance in comparison to on-site work performance.

The author is an Assistant Professor for Psychology at FLAME University, Pune, India and specializes in Psychology of Excellence in Business & Education.