Scientometric Review of the Twenty-First Century Research on Women in Construction. By: Hasan, Abid; Ghosh, Arka; Mahmood, Muhammad Nateque; Thaheem, Muhammad Jamaluddin. Journal of Management in Engineering. May2021, Vol. 37 Issue 3, p1-16. 16p.

Women are underrepresented in almost all occupations and professions within the construction sector. Consequently, several studies from across the globe have examined different aspects of gender inequality and gender segregation in the context of the construction industry. This study conducted an in-depth inquiry into research on women in construction using a scientometric review approach covering 128 relevant journal articles published over the last 20 years (2000?2019). The review found four major research clusters: (1) gender roles and work culture; (2) glass walls and glass ceiling; (3) job satisfaction; and (4) gender diversity initiatives. Research on women in construction is scarce in the context of many developing countries, despite the fact that the majority of women workers and professionals live in these countries. Similarly, research on mentoring and training of women, migrant women workers, women entrepreneurs, women worker’s health and safety, and human resource practices concerning women have received less attention. The review also brings together the recommendations made by various researchers to highlight the need for a more holistic approach to address gender inequality in construction.