Resilience as the Predictor of Divorcees' Life Satisfaction. By: Celik, Metehan; Caglayan, Name İmren. Social Science Quarterly (Wiley-Blackwell). Oct2019, Vol. 100 Issue 6, p2078-2093. 16p. 7 Charts.

Objectives: This study aims to investigate individual resilience as the predictor of divorcees’ life satisfaction and to reveal whether there is a significant difference in their life satisfaction caused by variables such as age, educational level, income level, having a child, and the number of children. Methods: The sample for the research consists of 163 divorcees, aged between 23 and 67, who live in Adana, Turkey. Multiple regression analysis, t‐test for the independent groups, and Kruskal‐Wallis test were used in the data analysis. Results: It was also found that ambition and personal competence, tolerance of negative conditions, and moral tendency subdimensions of the resilience scale together predicted the level of life satisfaction at a low significance level. Conclusions: The conclusions indicated that resilience of divorcees predicted their level of life satisfaction at a low significance level.