Zhang, Lanxia, Dai, Guangsong, Mao, Mengyu, Zhang, Qingqiang, "Research on the mechanism of knowledge workers’ dual work passion on innovative behavior," International Journal of Human Resource Management, May2024, p1-32, 32p, 2 Illustrations, 4 Charts.

By integrating conservation of resources theory and the perspective of resource flow across domains, this study had hypothesized and examined how dual work passion impact innovation behavior <italic>via</italic> work-family facilitation/conflict and thriving at work.
Through empirical analysis of data from 489 knowledge workers in China at two time points, our results showed that Knowledge workers’ harmonious work passion had a direct significant positive effect on innovative behavior.
Knowledge workers’ obsessive work passion had a significant positive effect on work-family conflict, and it also had a significant indirectly negative effect on innovative behavior through the chain mediating effect of work-family conflict and thriving at work. These findings lay a foundation for understanding the relationships between knowledge workers’ dual work passion and innovative behavior.