Reinvigorating Research on Gender in the Workplace Using a Positive Work and Organizations Perspective. By: Warren, Meg A.; Donaldson, Scott I.; Lee, Joo Young; Donaldson, Stewart I. International Journal of Management Reviews. Oct2019, Vol. 21 Issue 4, p498-518. 21p. 2 Diagrams.

Gender inequality is a widespread organizational challenge, however, research on gender in the workplace suffers from stagnation in mainstream management research. A positive work and organizations perspective has the capacity to augment problemfocused gender research with new approaches to boosting gender equity. Yet, contributions that utilize such a perspective are sparsely spread across nearly two decades’ time and dozens of journals with differing disciplinary foci. This paper aims to reinvigorate gender research in management research by consolidating insights that have emerged through the application of a positive perspective. Therefore, we systematically review articles published in 21 management and psychological journals between 2001 and 2016. Four main themes emerged as drivers of gender research from a positive perspective: performance, social integration, wellbeing, and justice/moral matters. The contributions within these themes highlight pathways to organizational flourishing through positive diversity and inclusion behaviors and practices. Thus, this paper provides a conceptual map for navigating and planning further research.