Refining a Taxonomy of Goals for Older Adults With Functional Limitations and Their Caregivers to Inform Care Planning. By: Clair, Catherine A.; Henry, Maureen; Jennings, Lee A.; Reuben, David B.; Sandberg, Shana F.; Giovannetti, Erin R. Journal of Applied Gerontology. Sep2021, Vol. 40 Issue 9, p1008-1019. 12p.

Purpose: The purpose of the study is to capture goals expressed by older adults with functional limitations and their caregivers.

Methods: Through focus groups and interviews, 76 older adults with ≥1 activity of daily living limitation and 28 family/friend caregivers were asked about what mattered most to them and their goals for care. Transcripts were coded using an existing taxonomy. Goals that did not fit the taxonomy were assigned new codes.

Results: We identified more than 50 goals in eight domains. Domains included (a) Medical Care; (b) Quality of Life: Physical; (c) Quality of Life: Social and Emotional; (d) Access to Services and Supports; (e) Caregiver Needs and Concerns; (f) End of Life; (g) Independence; and (h) Acceptable Housing.

Conclusion: While there is overlap between identified goals and the existing taxonomy, new goals emerged. The goal domains identified could serve as a framework to improve and measure the quality of goal-oriented care for older adults with complex needs